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Artist Selahattin Şep , create magical shoes. 
They named these shoes Tigris. 
Together they revive the historical shoemaking technique of South East Turkey that is being lost to the machine and the modern world. 
     Tigris shoes are 100% hand crafted from all natural materials, creating a product that is eco-friendly and sustainable, while bringing life to history and culture.  Tigris shoes not only have a rich story but also have a unique aesthetic quality, and comfort. 
Uğur has been making shoes for over twenty years and continues to craft all of his shoes entirely by hand, using the same traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.
 Uğur’s skill and knowledge of the craft, partnered with Selahattin’s artistic vision, have brought into a being a product of the highest quality, both in material and philosophy.  Now, with the support of our friends and skilled craftsmen, Tigris Handmade is spanning the globe.